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Building Schools on the Most Important Foundation of All: Hope

You’ve probably never heard of Sofi Qala. It’s in a country called Afghanistan, which is a place that has people. People just like you who share your dreams of basic health care, access to electricity, and the ability for girls to go to school to learn how to be something other than the child bride… Read More ›

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People Who Should Be Ashamed of Themselves, Love Pentagon Edition

So apparently former General now former Director and future “Where Are They Now” segment star David Petraeus did something stupid recently. And then did something dumber to cover that up. Then did some even dumber things after that. But I’m not here to talk about Petraeus. This is about those who should be ashamed of… Read More ›


The AUP Hugged Me: Fight 4 Peace — Hamid Rahimi vs. Said Mbelwa

This is pretty much everything I know about boxing: 1. If you’re the Italian Stallion, which is pretty close to white, you always, I mean always, beat the black guy. ‘cuz that always happens in real life. Right, Gerry Cooney? Mainly because Rocky trained like this: 2. Mike Tyson used to box before those Hangover movies. And… Read More ›


Blogging Angry: The Faryab Mosque Bombing

I’ve generally tried to stick by one simple rule on this blog: don’t blog angry. It’s a bad idea when one is driving, in some ways a worse idea when one is blogging. Why? Because blogging angry implies that I’m slipping past the point of analysis (however snarky that analysis may be) and randomly firing… Read More ›

Kabul Cable

A Hand Speaks: A Response to Major Brown from the Kabul Cable

This week on the blog I’ve been looking at both the AfPak Hands and the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program (APRP). I covered Major Brown’s “hillbilly” interview, and the work of one of the Hands with the APRP, Captain Plante. Since I find the Hands’ program intriguing, back in the day I did a piece… Read More ›

Bacon Wrapped Pork Chop

Today’s Bacon Wrapped Pork Chop: Why Hulk Hogan Should Never Be An AfPak Hand

Earlier this week in my usual “5 Things I Learned on My Extended Afghan Stay,” I alluded to the fact that you’d be seeing more about the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program. This is the first in that series, focusing on an AfPak Hand whose job it was to work with the APRP in Helmand. … Read More ›

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5 Things I Learned This Week in Afghanistan, 22 October 2012 Edition

This week: So Andar’s a puzzler, the ANA are hosed, we’re still killing giant Afghan kids, the Taliban hates cops, and ISAF loves them some ALP. 1. ISAF does not understand what is happening in Andar. Lt. Hauk knew…in his heart…that he was funny. NATO…in its heart…knows that this Andar thing is going to work out…. Read More ›

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Three Things the NY Times Ignored In That One Op Ed

Recently the New York Times ran an op-ed giving some less-than-compelling reasons for us to be leaving Afghanistan. Like now. I had some initial thoughts on this. This, more than anything, sums up the Times piece. While there’s much that could be said with regard to style, poorly organized thought, and a general sense of… Read More ›


Green on Blue Explained: Or, Michael Rubin Strikes Out Faster Than the Pittsburgh Pirates

Thanks to his recent post for Commentary, we owe Michael Rubin a debt of gratitude of no less import than when that one house fell on that one witch and all those Oompa Loompas got to make chocolate. I may be mixing up my beloved children’s films. But what Michael Rubin is not mixing up… Read More ›


5 Things (+1) I Learned in Afghanistan: Irrelevant Playlist Edition

This week we learned that we won’t like Karzai when he’s angry, Uncle Leo’s feelings got hurt a little bit, we’re still blaming things on the Haqqanis, Lara Logan’s a diva, the Brits wanna quit, and the Kagans are the herpes of bad analysis…they just won’t go away. Also, most of my cultural references are… Read More ›


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