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Turning the Page: Reassessing Assessments

In the spirit of the new and exciting direction I’ll be taking this blog from now on (Go ISAF!), with the view toward seeing things here in Afghanistan in a more positive light (Yay, Team Caldwell!), I’ve been going through some of the posts on this blog and realizing that maybe some of  the topics… Read More ›


TwOD: Reading Is Overrated, or, Why Sometimes I Like Dogs Better than People

OK, so I’m cheating a little bit on this…this isn’t a tweet, but it’s a Facebook post, so it sorta counts. Maybe I’ll change this to Social Media Post of the Day. Whatever. So some of you may have been following the recent release of a report by the Afghan Analysts Network wherein they analyze… Read More ›


BWPC: Afghan Police Secure Already Secure Area

I understand the pressure that the NATO Training Mission (Afghanistan) PAO (or as I’m starting to think of them: “Caldwell’s Barely Credible Communication Corps”, or “CBCC,” since if it’s military, it needs an acronym) is under to show that we’re not flushing money down the drain here, but that the work being done in this… Read More ›


BWPC: Aerial Survey…of a School

Today’s portion of Bacon Wrapped Pork Chop (BWPC): First off, I’m no engineer. I’m just some guy with a Twitter feed and a blog. But, I’m pretty sure that doing an aerial survey of a school may not be the most effective way to determine how well that school is being constructed. “The PRT conducted… Read More ›


TwOD: Democracy is Dead.



BWPC: COIN Director – Yes We Have No Metrics

It’s not often that I get to mix the Marx Brothers and Kevin Spacey, but here’s today’s serving of Bacon Wrapped Pork Chop. Metrics. We need ‘em. We want ‘em. We ain’t got ‘em. Joshua Foust spoke to the issue of metrics in this paper, and the fact that, 10 years in, there is a distinct lack… Read More ›


PAO PoD: UK Soldier Smothers Child with Toy Bear as Mother Smiles Confusedly

I know, that’s not what’s happening in this picture. But, when ISAF’s Flickr stream doesn’t put any kind of descriptions on the photos is posts, I’m forced to come up with my own. The point of pictures is to put up a caption so we can have some context whereby we can know what’s happening…. Read More ›


TwOD: Everything’s Peachy

Sometimes @ISAFmedia outdoes themselves. I know, it’s ISAF spox, but… seriously. Which Afghanistan are they in, anyway? Today: No massacres, no ethnic violence, no civil war or religious conflicts. — ISAF (@ISAFmedia) October 10, 2011


PAO Pic of the Day

‘Cuz nothing says “I trust my Afghan colleagues” like being  the only guy in the room wearing the body armor. Apologies for the small photo.


Today’s Helping of Bacon Wrapped Pork Chop

So I’m bringing this feature back. Today’s piece of absurdity comes to us courtesy of Tribune Media’s Joel Brinkley. The headline alone is worthy of tossing it in this particular pile: Pakistan’s Sponsorship of Terrorism is Undeniable This is a typical sweeping assertion that many members of the media make when reporting on this part of the… Read More ›


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