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Building Schools on the Most Important Foundation of All: Hope

You’ve probably never heard of Sofi Qala. It’s in a country called Afghanistan, which is a place that has people. People just like you who share your dreams of basic health care, access to electricity, and the ability for girls to go to school to learn how to be something other than the child bride… Read More ›


War Is Hell: ISAF HQ Gym Edition

Think you have it rough, fitness fans? C’mon down to the ISAF HQ gym. This…this is fitness in the belly of the beast. Ladies and gents, this…is your war. At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking this was just another local gym – smaller, lacking the glossy finish and with a whiff of… Read More ›

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A Response to Upton: ISAF Pulls from Sheen’s Dictionary, Redefines “Winning.”

It’s been a bit of a rough week here in Afghanistan, punctuated by at least one good thing: the first professional boxing match in Afghanistan in over 30 years. So that was a plus. Faryab…not so much of a plus. In my weekly “5 Things I Learned on My Really Long Afghanistan Vacation” post, I mentioned… Read More ›

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5 Things I Learned This Week in Afghanistan: October 30, 2012 Edition

1. Someone killed a bunch of civilians in a mosque A suicide bomber targeted worshippers who had gathered at a mosque in north Afghanistan for prayers to mark Eid al-Adha, killing at least 41 people. More than 50 people were wounded in the attack, which happened as people were leaving the Eid Gah mosque in… Read More ›


Blogging Angry: The Faryab Mosque Bombing

I’ve generally tried to stick by one simple rule on this blog: don’t blog angry. It’s a bad idea when one is driving, in some ways a worse idea when one is blogging. Why? Because blogging angry implies that I’m slipping past the point of analysis (however snarky that analysis may be) and randomly firing… Read More ›

Kabul Cable

A Hand Speaks: A Response to Major Brown from the Kabul Cable

This week on the blog I’ve been looking at both the AfPak Hands and the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program (APRP). I covered Major Brown’s “hillbilly” interview, and the work of one of the Hands with the APRP, Captain Plante. Since I find the Hands’ program intriguing, back in the day I did a piece… Read More ›

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From the AOG to the ALP: When Homegrown Can Go Bad

This week on the blog I’m talking about some of the people in the AfPak Hands program and their work with the Afghan Peace and Reintegration Program, the APRP. Tuesday was the profile of one of the worst examples of the AfPak Hands probably ever, who worked with the APRP program. Yesterday, we met Captain… Read More ›


Nick Plante: He’s no Lumberjack, but He’s Okay

This week on the blog I’ve been looking at the AfPak Hands and one of the programs they’re involved in, the Afghanistan Peace and Reconciliation Program, or APRP. Tuesday we met the worst example of the Hands probably ever, but that was from an interview done after he’d already left Afghanistan. Today we’re going to… Read More ›

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They Don’t Have to Beat Us, They Just Need to Change Our Minds. Or, Michele Flournoy Gives Me a Sad.

  You may have caught the Michele Flournoy story from Joshua Hersh for the Huffington Post, covering Flournoy’s assertion that insider attacks (also known as green-on-blue…I keep seeing the Hulk smash a Smurf in my head) are the sign of “desperation” by the Taliban. If you’re not really clear on where this is going, I… Read More ›


5 Things We Learned About Advising from the New York Times

So today the New York Times ran  a story by Matthew Rosenberg about the current state of advising and training here in Afghanistan. There are many reasons to not read the Times.  Friedman. Kristof. Front page stories on high school cheating. However, sometimes even the Times gets it right, and they did with their Afghanistan reporting team. Lucky us. Seriously…. Read More ›


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