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5 Things You Should Know About Dead Kids in Kabul

Because it’s Massoud Day, or because it’s a Saturday, or because the CIA is here, or because the State Department just declared the Haqqani network a Foreign Terrorist Organization, the Taliban/ISI/Haqqani convinced a street kid to fill a backpack with explosives and detonate it near the front entrance to ISAF headquarters here in Kabul. I,… Read More ›

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ISAF PAO Briefs from Planet Caldwell, or Is This Walternate’s Afghanistan?

I’ve managed to avoid cultural references from the nerdery, but I couldn’t stand it any longer. For those of you who have something called a social life, part of the title is a shout out to the fine folks who make Fringe. In order to be successful in public affairs, one or all of the following… Read More ›


Today’s Helping of Bacon Wrapped Pork Chop

So I’m bringing this feature back. Today’s piece of absurdity comes to us courtesy of Tribune Media’s Joel Brinkley. The headline alone is worthy of tossing it in this particular pile: Pakistan’s Sponsorship of Terrorism is Undeniable This is a typical sweeping assertion that many members of the media make when reporting on this part of the… Read More ›


And Then They Tried to Blow Up the CIA

And it is on like Donkey Kong. Well, probably no more “on” than it was before insurgents apparently tried to blow up the Ariana Hotel, used by the CIA in Kabul. There was some gunfire in my neighborhood last night, which was probably related to a reported attempt by President Karzai to visit Rabbani’s home to pay final respects…. Read More ›


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