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US Embassy builds capacity of…US Embassy (photo)

This one’s for the Diplopundit. And this took over a year? Don’t they have Macbooks at the Embassy? So part of Crocker’s legacy at the Embassy, besides being really excited about how much money has been siphoned out of the country due to massive corruption, and making sure that the majority of Department of State… Read More ›


Some Thoughts from the Masses on #PAOFail

From Dan Lamothe, this post is tied to the story that prompted me to Storify…again. Interesting story on how U.S. forces are fighting with the Taliban — on Twitter. @StewartUpton quoted. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on Google Share on Linkedin Share by email Dan Lamothe Mon, Jun 18… Read More ›


Wanna be a guest blogger?

I’ve already tweeted this out a few times (or will be), so this is mainly for those of  you who subscribe to the blog via email or otherwise follow it, but don’t necessarily follow the Twitter as much. I’m at a point with the blog where I want to connect more with other bloggers in… Read More ›

NTMA FB Status 03NOV2011

ANSF Literacy Students Give NTM-A a Break

I have a Facebook account, like most of us living in that twilight time between MySpace and our inevitable absorption into the Googleverse. (It’s like Riddick’s “underverse,” but with more colors. And random uses of “+”.)

@NewYorkTimes Helps Me See the Light

In earlier posts, this blog has portrayed this Facebook posting as being something negative, that not reading things is just lazy, but I’m learning to see things differently. I stand corrected, since apparently that fine journalistic endeavor, the New York Times  (home to one of my 2 favorite Toms) also has discovered that reading everything… Read More ›


TwOD: Reading Is Overrated, or, Why Sometimes I Like Dogs Better than People

OK, so I’m cheating a little bit on this…this isn’t a tweet, but it’s a Facebook post, so it sorta counts. Maybe I’ll change this to Social Media Post of the Day. Whatever. So some of you may have been following the recent release of a report by the Afghan Analysts Network wherein they analyze… Read More ›


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