Finding the silver(ish) lining in Afghanistan's Emerald City

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Obligatory USMC Video Post: Dana Loesch Redefines “Voice of Reason”

You may have heard that there’s a video going around showing US Marines peeing on Taliban corpses. I’m going to avoid spinning my two cents into this. I think that was done very well by both Abu Muqawama: War is an awful human experience. It is sometimes necessary, but it is never sanitary. and over… Read More ›

Whose Counterinsurgency Is This, Really?

For those of you who think that it’s high time that we march south of the border and get our COIN on in Mexico and points south because you think that’s going to be a better option than what’s going on here in Afghanistan, I’ve got bad news. It’s more complicated than that. A) We’ve… Read More ›


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