Finding the silver(ish) lining in Afghanistan's Emerald City

Tweet of the Day: @ISAFMedia Makes Sure @ABalkhi Gets It Right

It’s good to see this kind of responsiveness in dealing with non-official and likely non-Taliban Twitter accounts.

Especially when the correction you’re making is in regard to a story like this:

Afghan officials say a suicide bomber has killed at least 13 people, including three NATO troops, in northern Afghanistan.

The attacker riding on a motorcycle detonated his explosives Wednesday at a park in the city of Maimanah, the capital of Faryab province. At least 26 people were wounded in the blast.

Afghan police earlier said that four police officers and six civilians were killed. Western officials later confirmed that three coalition soldiers, including two Americans, were killed. Faryab’s police chief said the coalition troops were filming interviews at the park when the blast took place.

According to the caption on one of the pictures shown here (and be forewarned, they’re pretty graphic), the reason they were doing interviews was to talk about security in the area.

I understand one feels the need to address the IO messaging from the other side, but given that three NATO troops died doing interviews about security, I’m pretty sure the IO message is already out: they can get you anywhere they want.

With the coming NATO spring offensive into the south and east, it should be interesting (read: troubling) to see how incident trends develop in the previously stable(ish) north and south of Afghanistan.

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  1. There was quite a bit of false information in various articles about this incident. Stars and Stripes even included some… But if you would like to read what a fellow member of the 37th IBCT has to say, check this blog out… He doesn’t deal in rumors and such.

    • Thanks for posting that…pretty sure the VOA piece didn’t deal in anything that was false, nor did the NYT article I linked to, either.

      The first story I read had the quote, “They were told not to walk around town.” I haven’t seen any follow up to that, and it’s one of those things that gets said a lot after an event. That’s true from Faryab to Fargo.

      Thanks for posting the blog, too…will likely follow going forward.

      • I think that quote came from an UK article. If you read Blue’s post, you will find that they were not told that. They were with the Afghan PAO’s, doing what they were there to do…mentor.

        Anyways, thanks for responding and for following his blog. Oh, just so you know, he’s also on Twitter. Look him up. AfghanOldBlue.


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