Finding the silver(ish) lining in Afghanistan's Emerald City

No Afghans allowed in Iranian park

Originally posted on The Lost Flaneur:
The Municipality of Isfahan in Iran has announced that Afghan residents of the city are not allowed to enter Suffa, a famous public park on the day of “13 Badar”, or the 13th day of spring when everybody in Iran gets out of their homes for camping and picnicking…

In the Halls of DC, the Dark Cloud of Kandahar Lingers

Originally posted on U.S.:
In March, like everyone else operating in the mil-writer space, I decided it was my duty to God and to country to pen a piece on the maddening and tragic Kandahar massacre. So I did, and thanks to the fine people at Boston Review, it was published. Rather than attempt to explain…

The Facebook of War

Originally posted on U.S.:
Sometimes anger can spread quietly, a seething, hidden emotion that only occasionally breaks the surface – almost like a shark’s fin headed toward a crowded beach. That’s what’s happening on Facebook in Afghanistan following the slaughter last month of 17 civilians, allegedly by Staff Sergeant Robert Bales. Time’s John Wendle…

Article to read

Originally posted on itinerant and indigent:
Not normally into self-promotion, at least not regularly, but here’s an article I wrote, that got published, that I think says pretty much most of what I have to say at the moment. Read it all at 


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