Finding the silver(ish) lining in Afghanistan's Emerald City

Pic of the Day: ISAF Hates Captions, So I Make One Up

“No, stop. Don’t pull the pin yet. Wait until I walk away.” Couple of things about this picture. A) No caption. B) It was taken in 2010. Am I asking for too much from the photostream of the largest assembly of NATO might in history?

TWoD: Good Thing It’s Just the Insurgents

Re: report – INS has not had a track record of unbiased, balanced, or transparent reporting — ISAF (@ISAFmedia) February 1, 2012 Fortunately, if they need to, the insurgents can take a few pages from the ISAF Compendium on Transparency, Non-Bias, and Balance. ‘Cuz they are rockstars at it.


Graham Bowley Updates Us on Sahar Gul. I Throw Up Again.

Some of you may recall that I had written a piece about Graham Bowley and his delightful foray into sensitive, caring journalism. And a follow up. And, well, I wasn’t exactly alone in my thoughts on the piece. Not by a long shot. In putting together this post, I re-read his initial piece on Sahar… Read More ›


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